Smartgility Summer Internship
Smartgility is looking for college interns who are interested in doing real-world WordPress and .NET development this summer. If you’re interested in expanding your web development skills while getting mentored and trained by a Senior Developer, then this is the internship for you! Smartgility is a small IT consulting firm based in Gaithersburg, MD and we are seeking young minds who are eager to learn, and are serious about working on real-world projects.

What You Will Do

  • See firsthand what programming looks like in the real world
  • Develop and expand your coding skills
  • Work on websites that you can add to your resume!
  • Get mentored, and absorb lots of knowledge
What You Won't Do

  • Dress business casual and sit in meetings
  • Get coffee, xerox things, run errands for your boss
  • Be bored with nothing to do

The more technical background you have the better, but all resumes will be considered.  If interested, please send any questions or comments along with cover letter and resume detailing what languages / platforms you have experience coding in to